Tennis Tournament

Since 1992 the Harper Creek Optimist Club has sponsored a late summer weekend outdoor tennis tournament. The tournament format and location has changed some over the years, but has been the same for the past 10 years. The event is now held at the Harper Creek High School Tennis Complex (newly renovated in 2009) and for the format: youth play is singles and participating adults play doubles. The youth may also join adults forming a doubles team, which also includes a mixed doubles division. There is a minimal entry fee, shirts are issued to all players and youth winners receive trophies and adults prizes. An entry form will be posted on our website when the date is set for the upcoming event.

Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2018

On a hot, humid and windy Sunday August 5th the team of Bill Wisser and Chris Wilcox defeated Jared Stratz and Andrew DeBruyn 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 in the final of the Harper Creek Optimist Open Tennis Classic Mens A Doubles division. The tournament was held over the weekend at the Harper Creek High School Tennis Complex. This is the only local open tennis tournament so the winners have the bragging rights for a year of being the best local Mens Doubles team in the area. Wisser and Wilcox defeated Carlos Labadia and Stuart Noble 6-3, 6-0 in a semi-final held Saturday. Stratz and DeBruyn defeated John Macfarlane and John Johnson 6-0, 6-4 in the other semi-final. The team of Eli Wisser and John McBain won the consolation bracket of the Mens Doubles.

The Mens B Doubles final was played Wednesday August 8th; Harper Creek High School tennis coaches Don Hudson and Jim Cummins were pitted against two of their varsity players, Max Wilcox and Kent Busniewski. The high school players came out on top 6-3, 6-3 to claim the championship. Hudson and Cummins gained entry into the final by defeating the team of brothers: Tom and Scott Clark 6-1, 6-2. Wilcox and Busniewski defeated the team of Craig Miller and Mitchell Kyger 6-3, 6-1 in the other semi-final. In the consolation final of Mens B Doubles Juan Luna and Soroosh Sabouni came out on top winning 1-6, 6-4, (10) against Justin Walker and Brendan Peck. During the hottest hour of the tournament on Saturday afternoon, the much younger team of Walker and Peck defeated the senior team of Gary Hall and Jack Thom 6-2, 6-7 (2), (14) in an over two hour match to reach the consolation final.

In a round-robin format the team of Debbie Magers and Yoko Butler won a head-to-head match against Karen Noble and Nikki Straley 6-0, 6-4 to claim first place in the Womens Doubles division.

The Mixed Doubles tournament had 10 teams divided equally into a Red and Blue division with each team playing an 8-game pro set against the other teams in their division. The winner of the round-robin format in each division then played for the Championship. The Champions of the Mixed Doubles tournament was the father daughter team of Mike and Amy Ingle. Amy is from New Buffalo, MI and was visiting for the weekend. She is a math teacher and started the tennis program at the small New Buffalo High School. They defeated the team of Deon Stein and Anisha Booker from the Blue division 6-1, 6-3. The runner-up in the Red Division was the mother son team of Harper Creek residents Vikki Bauer and Mason Bauer going (3-1) in round robin format. Finishing second in the Blue Division was the husband wife team of Kim and Cindy Anderson, also with a winning record of (3-1).

The youth division of the tournament had very limited entries. Ten-year-old Jay Hamric defeated Quinten Valenzuela (also 10 years old) to claim the trophy. A few of the youth who originally signed-up up for singles partnered up and participated in the Mens B Doubles division.

Our club would like to thank the sponsors of the event: Behnke Transportation, C. A. Miller, O.D., CTI Mechanical, Duncan’s Hair Lines, Groundwater Associates, Lakeview Ford, Magna-Dry, Minges Creek Athletic Club, Myers Chiropractic, Ray Yager Fitness, Wilcox Dentistry and RidgeWear Sports and Imprinting. Any extra funds generated from the event will be channeled back into the community to support the local youth.

2018 – Mens Doubles A

2018 – Mens Doubles B

2018 – Mixed Blue

2018 – Mixed Red

2018 – Mixed Championship

2018 – Womens Doubles

2018 – Youth Singles

Youth Winner – Jay Hamric2018-08-OptimistTennisHamric

Mens A Doubles Finalists – Jared Stratz & Andrew Debruyn (2nd Place) and Bill Wisser & Chris Wilcox (Winners)2018-08-OptimistTennisWinnersA

Mixed Finalists – Deon Stein & Anisha Booker (2nd Place) and Mike Ingle & Amy Ingle (Winners)2018-08-OptimistTennisWinnersMixed

Participants in action…….2018-08-OptimistTennisWisserWilcox2018-08-OptimistTennisJaredAndrew2018-08-OptimistTennisJared2018-08-OptimistTennisJohnsonMacfarlane12018-08-OptimistTennisMacfarlane2018-08-OptimistTennisCorraBehrndt2018-08-OptimistTennisCorra2018-08-OptimistTennisBrettSeth2018-08-OptimistTennisSeth2018-08-OptimistTennisStuart2018-08-OptimistTennisEli2018-08-OptimistTennisMcBain2018-08-OptimistTennisAmyMike22018-08-OptimistTennisAmy2018-08-OptimistTennisMikeIngle2018-08-OptimistTennisVikkiMason22018-08-OptimistTennisVikki2018-08-OptimistTennisMagersWalker2018-08-OptimistTennisRhondaJuan2018-08-OptimistTennisCameronJon2018-08-OptimistTennisJon12018-08-OptimistTennisCarlos2018-08-OptimistTennisBrandi2018-08-OptimistTennisBookerStein2018-08-OptimistTennisBooker22018-08-OptimistTennisCindyKim2018-08-OptimistTennisCindy12018-08-OptimistTennisKim12018-08-OptimistTennisYokoMagers2018-08-OptimistTennisYoko2018-08-OptimistTennisMagers2018-08-OptimistTennisCindyOlivia2018-08-OptimistTennisOlivia2018-08-OptimistTennisJuanSoroosh2018-08-OptimistTennisPeckWalker2018-08-OptimistTennisPeck


Summary of Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2017

In the Youth Singles round-robin format the winner was Elise Norman; she defeated both Austin Moore and Andrew Hooker. The match with Hooker went to a 10-point third set tie-breaker with Norman winning 10-8, which enabled her to earn the first place trophy.

2017- Youth Singles



There was great action in the Men’s A Doubles Tournament. Since this is the only local community tennis tournament, the eight teams battled it out for the bragging rights of being this year’s best doubles team in the Battle Creek area. The team of Brian Herr, a past Harper Creek tennis coach, and Chris Wilcox defeated the father son team of local tennis instructors Jon and Seth Miller in a hard fought final by splitting the first two sets 6-4, 4-6, and winning the 10-point third set tiebreaker 11-9. Jon Corra and Ron Behrndt teamed up for the event and defeated local past and present High School tennis coaches, Jim Cummins and Don Hudson 6-1, 6-4 for the Men’s A consolation prize.

2017-Mens Doubles A

Pictured (L-R) are the competitors for the Men’s A Championship: Runner-ups Seth Miller, Jon Miller and the Winners Brian Herr and Chris Wilcox followed by the Consolation winners Jon Corra and Ron Behrndt. 2017-08-OptimistTennisSethJonBrianChris2017-08-OptimistTennisCorraBehrndt


The team of Carol Cameron and Deb Magers defeated Nikki Straley and Jody Smith 6-2, 6-3 to take the crown for the Women’s Doubles division of the tournament. Pictured below to the left are Finalist’s Smith and Straley beside the Champions Cameron and Magers – plus some action shots from the match.

2017-08-OptimistTennisJodyNikkiCarol Deb2017-08-OptimistTennisCarolDeb2017-08-OptimistTennisJodyNikki12017-08-OptimistTennisCarol2017-08-OptimistTennisDeb2017-08-OptimistTennisJody


For the Mixed Division of the tournament, Men’s A finalist Seth Miller teamed with his Aunt Beck O’Dell to defeat Stuart Noble, a local tennis instructor and his understudy Harper Creek High student Julie Hooker in a very tightly contested match determined by a third set tie-breaker 5-7, 7-6 (3), (7). There was a very interesting déjà vu tennis scenario in this particular tournament. In the semi-final, Noble and Hooker defeated the team of Ray Yarger, a local fitness instructor and St. Philip’s tennis coach who teamed with a player on his team, Alexis Behnke to win a third set tie-breaker 12-10 when the last shot hit the top of the net cord and dropped in for match point. Yarger and Behnke moved to the consolation semi-final and proceeded to defeat the team of Tom Clark and Cindy Anderson, when they now won the third tie breaker when the ball also dribbled over the top of the net and dropped on their opponent’s court to win match point 12-10! Yarger and Behnke then defeated the team of Kossouth Snyder and Becky Best to win the Consolation final of the mixed tournament.

Pictured below under the final tournament bracket (L-R) are Champions Becky O’Dell and Seth Miller beside Runner-ups Julie Hooker and Stuart Noble. The subsequent picture (L-R) presents the Consolation winners Ray Yager and Alexis Behnke beside their opponents Becky Best and Kossouth Snyder. Following are action pictures from their division of the tournament.



The Men’s B Doubles tournament was a four team round-robin format consisting of each match being a 10-game pro set. Harper Creek High School student, Justin Walker teamed with recently graduated Harper Creek student Ben Kowitz to go 3-0 in the format and finish first. The second place team going 2-1 consisted of present Harper Creek High School students Max Wilcox (son of Men’s A winner Chris Wilcox) and Kent Busniewski. Finishing third was the team of the Optimist Tournament Director Dr. Craig Miller and Lakeview High School Freshman Josh Norman.

Pictured below under the tournament results are the winning team (L-R) of Ben Kowitz and Justin Walker plus pictures of them in action. A picture of the runner-up team of Wilcox and Busniewski is not available, but the third place team of Craig Miller (Tournament Director) and his partner Josh Norman and the 4th place team Juan Luna and Kent Hazelett conclude the pictures from the event.

2017 – Mens B Doubles

2017-08-OptimistTennisBenJustin2017-08-OptimistTennisBen 2017-08-OptimistTennisJustin2017-08-OptimistTennisMeJoshkentJuan



Summary of Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2016

2016- Youth Singles

Pictured below (L-R) are Elise Norman, winner of the Youth Singles and runner-up Ashlee Gilmer. Plus third place finisher, Jordanne Norris. 2016-07-OptimistTennisEliseAshlee2016-07-OptimistTennisJordanne

2016 -Teen Singles

Pictured below (L-R) are runner-up Landen Berry and winner of the Teen Singles Tournament, Drew Gilmer. Plus consolation winner Josh Norman (right) and opponent Emilie Cwiakala. 2016-07-OptimistTennisLandenDrew


2016 – Mens A Doubles

Pictured below (L-R) are the winning Mens A Doubles team of Andrew DeBruyn and Jared Stratz and second place finishers John MacFarlane and Bill Wisser. Plus the Consolation winning team of Jon Corra and Ron Behrndt. 2016-07-OptimistTennisAndrewJaredMacFarlaneWisser2016-07-OptimistTennisCorraBehrndt2The following are pictures from Mens A Doubles action:2016-07-OptimistTennisWisserJared 2016-07-OptimistTennisMacFarlaneWisser1 2016-07-OptimistTennisMacFarlane 2016-07-OptimistTennisCummins1 2016-07-OptimistTennisHudson2016-07-OptimistTennisJared 2016-07-OptimistTennisBehrndt 2016-07-OptimistTennisAndrewJared1 2016-07-OptimistTennisAndrew 2016-07-OptimistTennisCorraBehrndt1

2016 – Mens B Doubles

Pictured below (L-R) are the Finalist team of Gary Linke and Josh Norman adjacent to the Champions of the Mens B Doubles team of Randy Johnson and Ray Yarger. Plus The winning Consolation team of Mason Bauer and C.J. Rau (right) and Consolation  runner-up team Graham Clark and Tom Clark (left). 2016-07-OptimistTennisLinkeJoshRayRandy22016-07-OptimistTennisGrahamClarkMasonCJThe following are pictures from Mens B Doubles action:2016-07-OptimistTennisRayRandy1 2016-07-OptimistTennisMason2 2016-07-OptimistTennisMason1 2016-07-OptimistTennisLinkeJosh 2016-07-OptimistTennisLinke 2016-07-OptimistTennisGrahamClarkLunaBard 2016-07-OptimistTennisGraham2 2016-07-OptimistTennisCJ

2016 – Mixed Doubles

Pictured below on the right are the winning Mixed Doubles team of mother and son Vikki and Mason Bauer and runner-up Carlos Labadia on the left. The wife and partner of Carlos; Brandi, was absent for the picture. Plus the third place team of Libby and father Tom Clark and the fourth place team of Netti Chane and Juan Luna. 2016-07-OptimistTennisCarlosMasonVikki2016-07-OptimistTennisLibbyClarkNettiJuanThe following are pictures for the Mixed Doubles action:2016-07-OptimistTennisLibbyClark 2016-07-OptimistTennisLibby2 2016-07-OptimistTennisNettiJuan 2016-07-OptimistTennisNetti


Summary of Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2015

The most exciting match of the tournament was the Mens Doubles final, which was completed on Sunday morning. The number one seeded team of adult players, Andrew Nuttall and Kyong Lee narrowly finessed their way to victory over the hard hitting duo of Harper Creek High School seniors, Taylor Antes and Tanner Wilcox. They won in a third set 10-point tie-breaker 15-13!

Shawn Berry, a senior tennis player for Harper Creek High School, breezed through the youth Teen Division, only dropping 2 games in three matches. The only girl competitor in that division, Olivia Davis, a Battle Creek Central senior won the consolation trophy.

The team of Jim Cummins, a local long-time tennis enthusiast and instructor, and his partner Cindy Anderson just got by Harper Creek tennis coach, Brian Herr, and a former player of his, Keely Cruz in a third set tie-breaker 10-8 to win the Adult Mixed Doubles division. The team of Jon Miller and Nionni Permelia also won a tightly contested Mixed Division Consolation final match against Craig Miller and Carol Sandum in a third set tie-breaker 10-8.

In his first tennis tournament, 10-year-old Xander Renker, finished first in the Youth Division by winning all 4 of his matches in the round robin format. Arjun Sundaram finished second at 3-1 and Cameron Nessel was third at 2-2.

Complete tournament results for Optimist Tennis 2015:

2015-Youth Singles

2015-Teen Singles

2015-Mens Doubles

2015-Mixed Doubles

Pictures from Optimist Tennis 2015:

2015-07-OptimistTennisCorras2 2015-07-OptimistTennisHerr2 2015-07-OptimistTennisHudsonHerr 2015-07-OptimistTennisAndrew2 2015-07-OptimistTennisRyan 2015-07-OptimistTennisRBehrndt 2015-07-OptimistTennisWilcoxBauer2 2015-07-OptimistTennisWilcoxBauer1 2015-07-OptimistTennisToshio 2015-07-OptimistTennisShawn 2015-07-OptimistTennisSchimpf 2015-07-OptimistTennisRenker 2015-07-OptimistTennisQuartermaine 2015-07-OptimistTennisOlivia 2015-07-OptimistTennisNobles 2015-07-OptimistTennisKyoungAndrew1 2015-07-OptimistTennisKyoung 2015-07-OptimistTennisKeelyHerr 2015-07-OptimistTennisKeely 2015-07-OptimistTennisHerr1 2015-07-OptimistTennisElise 2015-07-OptimistTennisDrew 2015-07-OptimistTennisCummins 2015-07-OptimistTennisCorras2 2015-07-OptimistTennisClarkSchimpf 2015-07-OptimistTennisCarlosToshio2 2015-07-OptimistTennisCarlosToshio1 2015-07-OptimistTennisCAnderson 2015-07-OptimistTennisCameron 2015-07-OptimistTennisBrandiCaarlos 2015-07-OptimistTennisBCorra 2015-07-OptimistTennisArjun2 2015-07-OptimistTennisArjun1 2015-07-OptimistTennisAntesWilcoxKyougAndreww 2015-07-OptimistTennisAntesWilcox2 2015-07-OptimistTennisAntesWilcox1  2015-07-OptimistTennisAndrew1




Summary of Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2014

Derek Sammons was a double winner at this year’s (2014) Harper Creek Optimist Open Tennis Classic. Derek, an upcoming Coldwater High School Senior, who last year qualified for the High School state singles tournament, easily won the Boys Singles tournament and teamed with Coldwater fellow teammate, upcoming Junior, Nathan Waterbury, to also win the Adult Doubles A division of the tournament. Derek presents a strong serve, deep topspin ground strokes and an excellent touch with his volleys at the net. Experienced Adult doubles players were challenged by his advanced tennis skills. Derek is the son of John Sammons, who is the Coldwater tennis coach.

On his way to the Singles title, Derek had 6-0, 6-0 victories over Drew Gilmer of Gull Lake High School and James George of Lakeview High School. The winner of the Youth Singles Division was James Hager, who defeated Dominik Kerschbaum 7-6(4), 6-0 in the final. Alexandria Bedsole finished third.

The Adult Mens Doubles B division was won by Ron Behrndt and Deon Stein. They defeated Tom Clark and Rex Brown 6-4, 6-2 in the final. The Consolation winners of the Mens B Doubles division were the team of John Schimpf and Dan Ryan. They defeated High School tennis players Shawn Berry (Harper Creek High School) and Joe Larsen (Pennfield High School) 6-3, 6-1. The tournament format also allowed youth to enter the adult doubles divisions.

The Adult Mixed Doubles division was won by the father daughter team of John and Gracen Corcoran. They were undefeated in the four-match round robin format. John is the Pennfield High School Boys tennis coach and Gracen is a Junior, who plays on the Pennfield High School Girls tennis team. Finishing second and losing only to the Corcoran combination were Jim Cummins and Cindy Anderson.

The weather was perfect for this year’s event, although matches were delayed for one hour on Sunday morning due to wet courts. A fun time was had by all participants.  Click on the links below to check out the complete results of the specific tournaments and check out the pictures from this year’s event. This not only was a great worthwhile event for the community, but also generated some funds for our club.

2014- Youth Singles


2014 – Mens Doubles A


Below are pictures from this year’s tennis event. Click on a picture and it can be saved to your computer!2014-08-OptimistTennisAdkins2014-08-OptimistTennisSammons2014-08-OptimistTennisSchimpfRyan 2014-08-OptimistTennisWaterburySammons 2014-08-OptimistTennisToshioCarlos 2014-08-OptimistTennisSpectators 2014-08-OptimistTennisSMiller 2014-08-OptimistTennisSethJon2 2014-08-OptimistTennisSethJon1 2014-08-OptimistTennisRyan 2014-08-OptimistTennisPermelia 2014-08-OptimistTennisLarsen2 2014-08-OptimistTennisLarsen1 2014-08-OptimistTennisLabadias2 2014-08-OptimistTennisLabadias1 2014-08-OptimistTennisKossouthPermelia 2014-08-OptimistTennisKerschbaumBedsole 2014-08-OptimistTennisHagerBedsole 2014-08-OptimistTennisKerschbaum 2014-08-OptimistTennisHager 2014-08-OptimistTennisGilmer2 2014-08-OptimistTennisGilmer1 2014-08-OptimistTennisGeorgeSammons 2014-08-OptimistTennisGeorge2 2014-08-OptimistTennisGeorge1 2014-08-OptimistTennisCumminsAnderson 2014-08-OptimistTennisCorcorans 2014-08-OptimistTennisBrown 2014-08-OptimistTennisBerry2 2014-08-OptimistTennisBerry1 2014-08-OptimistTennisBehrndtSteinClarkBrown 2014-08-OptimistTennisBedsole


Summary of Harper Creek Optimist Tennis Classic 2013

Picture below (L-R) are the 2013 Boys Singles consolation winner Tyler Hagen, tournament winner Dylan Linklater and runner-up Nolan Duda.2013-08-OptimistTennisHagenLinklaterDuda

Action shots from youth participants:

2013-08-OptimistTennisJulieRyan                 2013-08-OptimistTennisBerry 2012-08-OptimistTennisThomas                                                  2012-08-OptimistTennisOksana  2012-08-OptimistTennisKirsten1 2011-08-OptimistTennisJoostberns1  2010-08-OptimistTennisTPessettiFettig                                              2010-08-OptimistTennisGarcia1