Youth Burn Camp Program

Shaun Abbey, a local high school graduate, who now resides with his family in Kentwood, Michigan, presented a very uplifting program during our weekly meeting on October 24th. Shaun is a Captain at his local Fire Department and an Executive Board Member on the Great Lakes Burn Camp.

There is an annual summer and winter week-long camp in Michigan available for burn injured children aged 6 to 17. These camps are run by a non-profit volunteer organization. The camps provide a fun and caring environment for children who have suffered from burn trauma. The camp atmosphere encourages children to laugh, play, heal, grow and just “be a kid” while joined with other burn-injured children from across the United States and Canada. The youth can share their stories and bond with each other without intrusive stares from other kids and adults. What a worth-while program! For more information on the program go to: Pictured is Shaun and the last slide from his PowerPoint presentation.2013-10-OptimistBurnCamp

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