Successful 2017 Cash Raffle

The Harper Creek Optimist club expresses thanks to all those who supported our main fund-raising event by purchasing a raffle ticket or simply volunteering their time as a club member. And special thanks to long-time club member Duncan Bailey who has chaired the event for the last number of years. The event was held at the local Riverside Country Club on Saturday, March 4th. This location has proved to be an excellent venue for our event and the catered meal, host beverages and service, late evening pizza, plus our DJ background music and sound system was well accepted by all.

All but 19 of the allotment of 300 tickets were sold this year. All the guaranteed monetary prizes that were designated on the official ticket were given away. The side board winner won $500 for purchasing the proper square relative to the first ticket number drawn from the drum. Six ticket holders of the final 10 tickets were not present and the remaining ticket holders pooled together and one of them was the $8,000 ticket holder. Those four participants each received a cash prize of just over $2,000! And most important of all; the money our club generated from this fundraiser will all be channeled back into the community.

Pictured below are long-time club members Al Miller, Craig Miller and John Peruzze. Al was the MC for the event, Craig assisted him with keeping track of the drawn tickets and John was the official ticket drawer. Club Treasurer David Jackson was the official bookkeeper for the event – a very busy job.  2017-03-OptimistRaffleAlMePeruzze2017-03-OptimistRaffleJackson

Although only a few ticket holders were cash winners, you can tell by the happy faces that a good time was had by all!2017-03-OptimistRaffleSimsDeMoss 2017-03-OptimistRaffleKastenGymerOlsen 2017-03-OptimistRaffleStacey 2017-03-OptimistRaffleRitaBrown 2017-03-OptimistRaffleRich 2017-03-OptimistRaffleNate 2017-03-OptimistRaffleHope 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests11 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests10 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests9 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests8 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests7 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests6 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests5 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests4 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests3 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests2 2017-03-OptimistRaffleGuests1 2017-03-OptimistRaffleDustin 2017-03-OptimistRaffleDJ 2017-03-OptimistRaffleDiane 2017-03-OptimistRaffleBauer2 2017-03-OptimistRaffleBauer1 2017-03-OptimistRaffleBassler

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