Student of the Month

Our club’s general meeting on April 30th honored five Harper Creek High School Students of the Month. The recognized students are selected from the senior class by Harper Creek High School teachers. Meals were provided for the students and their family members present. Club member and Harper Creek  Schools Superintendent Rob Ridgeway introduced the students and each gave a brief talk about their high school experiences and future plans.

The February “Student of the Month” is Cole Schneider. He is pictured below with his parents Alan and Rebecca Schneider. 2015-04-OptimistStudentSchneider2

The March “Student of the Month” is Quinton Berning. He is pictured below with his parents Gary and Laurie Berning.2015-04-OptimistStudentBerning

The April “Co-Student of the Month” is Heather McDaniels. She is pictured below with her mother Mary Ann McDaniels.2015-04-OptimistStudentMcDaniels1

The April “Co-Student of the Month” is Grayson DeYoung. He is pictured below with his parents Shawn DeYoung and Michele Ware.2015-04-OptimistStudentDeYoung

The May “Student of the Month” is Maria Schneider. She was unable to attend the meeting.

Pictured below are the recognized students with their honorary plaques: (L-R) Quinton Berning, Heather McDaniels, Cole Schneider and Grayson DeYoung.2015-04-OptimistStudentOfMonth2

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