New Officers Installed plus Two Life Members Inducted

The Harper Creek Optimist club in conjunction with the Pennfield and Battle Creek clubs met at the Battle Creek Moonraker West on September 28th to install the new club officers for the upcoming Optimist year. Harper Creek President Dustin King presided over the meeting, which along with the meal and installation of officers, included numerous door prizes and the induction of two new Life Members to the Harper Creek Club. The imprecation of officers was performed by special guest, Michigan Optimist Lieutenant Governor, Nicole Ingersol.

Taking the oath of office for the Harper Creek Club being led by Lt. Gov. Ingersol (to the left) are Vice President, Richard Peternel; Trustee, John Peruzze; Vice President, Dr. Jeromy Myers; Trustee, Dr. Craig Miller; Trustee and Club Treasurer, Nate Smith; partially hidden Trustee, Jeffery Adams; Club Secretary, Dr. Gary Gymer and Club President for 2017-18, Dustin King. Trustees Al Miller and Rob Ridgeway were unable to attend the meeting.2017-09-OptimistOfficerInstallation

The Life Member induction committee was chaired by long-time club member Duncan Bailey (also a Life Member); his committee selected past presidents and active club members Howard King and Chad Kyger for the honor. Pictured below are Club President Dusting King, honored members Chad Kyger and Dustin’s father Howard King along with Duncan Bailey on the right.2017-09-OptimistLifeMember

Pictured below are Harper Creek Club members who attended the meeting.2017-09-OptimistMembers

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