C. R. I. Program

The program for our club on March 20th was presented by Ted Nichols. We learned about a youth and young adult self-improvement program, which was initiated in Battle Creek and now has its message spread nationwide. The originator and spokesmen for the program, Ted Nichols, is a Harper Creek High School graduate and has many ties to the local community. He came from a rather large family and encountered many tribulations as a youth; his ability to persevere with the assistance of a few loved family members and supportive community leaders reveals a heart-warming story. Throughout his life he has experienced many diversified business and social environmental experiences and has shared them in a book he has written: The Book of Knowledge and Self Improvement for Today’s Youth.

The acronym CRI stands for character, respect and integrity. The message in his book and what is expressed in his motivational talks is inspiring and definitely of value for today’s youth. The book is also a good read for adults. Our club was honored to have Mr. Nichols convey is message to our club. For more information on the C.R.I. program go to the following website: www.bokasi.weebly.com.

Pictured below is guest speaker Ted Nichols with Harper Creek Optimist President Craig Miller to his right and club member Gary Gymer to his left. Mr. Nichols is also pictured reciting the Optimist International Pledge.

2014-03-OptimistProgramMeNicholsGymer 2014-03-OptimistProgramNichols

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