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Cash Raffle Summary

The Riverside Country Club was filled to capacity when our Optimist Club held its annual Cash Raffle Party on Saturday, March 3rd. This is believed to be our most successful raffle as all the tickets were sold and the tickets held out and sold during the raffle drew many anticipating winners. All but one of the final 10 tickets was represented and there was no pooling together – each went for the big cash prize. The last ticket drawn was the individual not present, but of course he still collects the cash!

A special thanks from our club goes out to Dr. Jeromy Myers, who chaired the event.  Club member Duncan Bailey also was very valuable in offering his past experience of chairing the event, plus club member Chad Kyger gets special recognition for selling the most tickets. Also, thanks to the numerous club members who volunteered their time during the event to assist in various capacities.

The food was great, the MC’s spiced up the event and a great time was had by those in attendance as you can tell by the many smiling faces.2018-03-OptimistRaffleFood1 2018-03-OptimistRaffleFood2 2018-03-OptimistRaffleFood32018-03-OptimistRaffleWorkers12018-03-OptimistRaffleWorkers22018-03-OptimistRaffleGuests3 2018-03-OptimistRaffleGuests2 2018-03-OptimistRaffleGuests1 2018-03-OptimistRaffleGuests42018-03-OptimistRaffleGroup2 2018-03-OptimistRaffleGroup12018-03-OptimistRaffleBartenders 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples142018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples2 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples3 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples4 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples5 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples6 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples7 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples8 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples9 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples10 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples12018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples13 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples12 2018-03-OptimistRaffleCouples112018-03-OptimistRaffleGuest32018-03-OptimistRaffleGuest1 2018-03-OptimistRaffleGuest2