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Student of the Month

Our club’s general meeting at Moonraker West on April 27th honored Harper Creek High School Students of the Month. The meeting was brought to order by club President Dustin King; the students and their accompanying family members were greeted. Harper Creek High School Principal Dennis Anthony introduced the honored students and each gave a brief talk about their high school involvements and future academic plans. Students of the Month are selected monthly from the senior class by Harper Creek High School teachers relative to their superior academics and extra-curricular activities. One student is chosen for each of the 10 school calendar months, but due to the busy upcoming end of the school year, the May and June honored students have been designated in advance. A meal was provided by our club for the students and their families. The meeting adjourned with a group reciting of the Optimist International Pledge.

Pictured below (L-R) are Students of the Month holding the plaque our club issues designating their selected month of recognition: Emily Vahs, March 2017; Marissa Wilkerson, May 2017; Katie Wade, June 2017; Paige Dredge, April 2017 and Hannah Berning, February 2017.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf Month

The February Student of the Month, Hannah Berning, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Gary and Laurie Berning.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf MonthBerning

The March Student of the Month, Emily Vahs, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Doug and Anna Vahs.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf MonthVahs

The April Student of the Month, Paige Dredge, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Dan and Brenda Dredge.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf MonthDredge

The May Student of the Month, Marissa Wilkerson, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Michael and Jennifer Wilkerson.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf MonthWilkerson

The June Student of the Month, Katie Wade, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Bob and Lynette Wade.2017-04-OptimistStudentOf MonthWade


Oratorical Contest Results

The Harper Creek Optimist Club hosted the Optimist International Oratorical Contest at the Harper Creek High School library on April 20th. This was the first time in a number of years that our club hosted the event and six local students participated. The club chairperson for the event was Stacey DeMoss. Judges for the contest were Hilary Anthony, Bruce Skaggs and Rita Wooten. The time keeper was club member Joe Sobieralski.

The topic for this year’s speech was “What the World Gains from Optimism”. Each speech based on the topic was to be at least 4 minutes in length, but not more than 5 minutes without being penalized. Winning the contest and receiving a check for $300 from the Harper Creek Optimist Club was Harper Creek High School Freshman, Alara Longnecker. Placing in second place and receiving $200 was Lakeview High School Senior, James George. The third place finisher and receiving a check for $100 was Harper Creek High School Freshman, Allison Graham. Receiving $50 participation awards granted by the Harper Creek Optimist Club were Danieolle Stewart, Brendan Peck and Julian Warner. Alara will move on to the District level contest on May 20th and have a chance to win a $2,500 Scholarship.

Pictured below (L-R) holding their participation certificates and club awarded checks are winning speaker Alara Longnecker, third place finisher Allison Graham and runner-up James George.2017-04-OptimistOratoricalWinners

Judges for the event seated (L-R) are Bruce Skaggs, Rita Wooten and Hilary Anthony. Standing behind them is the Harper Creek Optimist Club chairperson for the event, Stacey DeMoss.2017-04-OptimistOratoricalJudges

To view a video presentation of the Harper Creek Optimist Oratorical Contest click on the following link:  or to view a video presentation of the complete event: