2017 Harper Creek Optimist Open Tennis Classic

The date for this year’s Harper Creek Optimist Open Tennis Classic is August 4 through August 6. It will be held at the Harper Creek High School Tennis Complex and the general tennis format will be the same: youth are encouraged to play singles and there are regular and mixed doubles for adults. Youth and adults may enter not more than two tournaments and youth may also play doubles. Please click on the following link for all relative tournament information and to obtain an entry form:


Pictured below from last year’s tournament are youth and adults in action plus Men’s B Doubles Division winners accepting their awards. To view pictures and results from previous tournaments click on Tennis Tournament under Youth Service Projects on the Home Page of this site.2016-07-OptimistTennisMason22016-07-OptimistTennisWisserJared2016-07-OptimistTennisLinkeJoshRayRandy2



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