Monthly Archives: May 2016

Wish List

Administrators from the Harper Creek Community Schools were special guests at our weekly meeting May 12th and expounded on how “Wish List” funds our club issues to them will be utilized. Our club donates $500 to each school in the Harper Creek District and they use money to support various programs that benefit the youth of our community. Club member and Harper Creek Assistant Superintendent, Wendy Vangeison, chaired the program and was the liaison that coordinated the event.

Kim Thayer, the Harper Creek Middle School Principal, informed our club that the funds would be used to supplement the Rocket Program, Robotics Club and various choir programs. The Rocket Program is an event for the 6th graders where they build miniature rockets and discharge them from the school grounds. Kim also informed us that Wattles Park Elementary School Principal, Dennis Anthony, who was not in attendance, would be using the funds provided for his school to financially support a “Reading A-Z Program”.

Lisa Crawford, the Harper Creek High School Assistant Principal, noted that funds designated for the High School would supplement various special assemblies that are held throughout the school year, such as the upcoming safe driving program. The funds would also be utilized for individual student rewards programs relative to various achievements deserving special distinction.

Cindi Mead, the Harper Creek Sonoma Elementary Principal, said that her funds would help support a new program that the school has become involved with this year. This program called Watch Dogs’ is designed to have males, typically the student’s fathers, become more involved and have more presence in the school environment. The program kicked off with a well-attended pizza party for all the students and their fathers.

Wendy spoke on behalf of Kristy Newman, the Beadle Lake Elementary Principal. She noted that funds for that particular school would be used to supplement governmental grants issued to the school for student lunches and programs that promote having the students’ parents become more involved with their child’s academic endeavors.

Pictured below (L-R) and accepting one of the checks our club will issue is Harper Creek Administers Elementary Principal Cindi Mead, Assistant High School Principal Lisa Crawford, Assistant Superintendent Wendy Vangeison, and Elementary Principal Kim Thayer.IMG_4709


Student of the Month

Our club’s general meeting at Moonraker West on April 28th honored Harper Creek High School Students of the Month. The meeting was brought to order by club President Howard King; the students and their accompanying family members were greeted. Harper Creek High School Principal Matthew Montange introduced the honored students and each gave a brief talk about their high school involvements and future academic plans. Students of the Month are selected monthly from the senior class by Harper Creek High School teachers relative to their superior academics and extra-curricular activities. One student is chosen for each of the 10 school calendar months, but due to the busy upcoming end of the school year and the timing of our club’s scheduled program, there were 3 students acknowledged as Student of the Month for April. A meal was provided by our club for the students and their families. The meeting adjourned with a group reciting of the Optimist International Pledge.

Pictured below (L-R) are Students of the Month holding the plaque our club issues designating their designated month of recognition: Ellie Miller, February 2016; Danny Youngblood, April 2016; Kim Kusler, April 2016; Principal Matthew Montage; Scyla Skopek, April 2016 and Baylee Wilkins, March 2016.2016-04-OptimistStudentsMontague

The February Student of the Month, Ellie Miller, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Dean and Dyane Miller.2016-04-OptimistStudentMiller

The March Student of the Month, Baylee Wilkins, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Chad and Lacey Wilkins.2016-04-OptimistStudentWilkins

An April Student of the Month, Scyla Skopek, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Stanley and Rachelle Skopek. 2016-04-OptimistStudentSkopek

An April Student of the Month, Kim Kusler, was accompanied to the meeting by her mother Chris Kusler.2016-04-OptimistStudentKusler

An April Student of the Month, Danny Youngblood, was accompanied to the meeting by his parents Rick and Gina Youngblood.2016-04-OptimistStudentYoungblood