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Student of the Month – Youth Appreciation

Our club’s general meeting on February 4th honored Harper Creek High School Students of the Month and also Harper Creek High School students that participated in our club’s Youth Appreciation program. The meeting was brought to order by club Vice President Duncan Bailey. After the Pledge of Allegiance, led by club member John Peruzze and the blessing by club member Al Miller, Duncan elaborated to the group on the history of the Harper Creek Optimist Club and the numerous services that the club provides to the community. In particular, he delivered information about the club’s next month Fundraising Cash Raffle event and the sponsoring of the upcoming Student Essay Contest.

Students of the Month are selected monthly from the senior class by Harper Creek High School teachers relative to their superior academics and extra-curricular activities. The Youth Appreciation program was administered by Harper Creek High School Social Studies teacher, Al Hilarides. In this program, selected students “job shadow” a particular individual in the Harper Creek Schools administration for a day and relate their experiences. Meals were provided for the students and their family members present. Club member and Harper Creek High School Principal Matthew Montange introduced the students and each gave a brief talk about their high school involvements and future plans. The meeting adjourned with a group reciting of the Optimist International Pledge, which was led by club member Brad Morris.

Pictured below (L-R) are Students of the Month and their designated month of recognition: Drake Johnson, January 2016; Callie Cwiakala, December 2015; Jack Bohannon, November 2015; Taylor Antes, October 2015 and Macy Hancock, September 2015.IMG_4614

Pictured below (L-R) and noted by the administrator they “job shadowed” are the students that participated in the Youth Appreciation Program: Callie Cwiakala, Superintendent (Mr. Ridgeway-Admin Building); Katie Cwiakala, High School Principal (Mr. Montange-High School); Drake Johnson, Director of Facilities & Transportation (Mr. Robinson-Bus Garage/Admin Building); Macy Hancock, Assistant Superintendent/Director of Curriculum (Mrs. VanGeison-Admin Building); David Hicks, Assistant High School Principal (Ms. Crawford- High School); Bryce Withers, Sonoma Principal (Mrs. Mead- Sonoma Elementary); Claire Leson, Middle School Principal (Mrs. Thayer- Middle School); Baylee Wilkins, Athletic Director (Mr. Greenman- High School); Olivia Leson, Beadle Lake Principal (Mrs. Newman- Beadle Lake Elementary); Reagan Dishaw, Wattles Park Principal (Mr. Anthony- Wattles Park Elementary); Mitchell Coon, Director of Technology (Mr. Hubbell-Admin Building) and Emily Hamner, Middle School Assistant Principal (Mr. O’Farrell- Middle School).IMG_4626

The September Student of the Month, Macy Hancock, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Tom and Holly Hancock.IMG_4623

The October Student of the Month, Taylor Antes, was accompanied to the meeting by his parents Roger and Anna Antes and grandfather, Frank Morales.IMG_4620

The November Student of the Month, Jack Bohannon, was accompanied to the meeting by his parents William and Valeri Bohannon.IMG_4625

The December Student of the Month, Callie Cwiakala, was accompanied to the meeting by her parents Joe and Sandra Cwiakala and sister Katie.IMG_4618

The January Student of the Month, Drake Johnson, was accompanied to the meeting by his parents Andy and Deb Johnson.IMG_4616