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2015 Christmas Parade

For the 36th straight year the Harper Creek Optimist Club will be sponsoring and organizing the Battle Creek Christmas Parade on November 21st. The parade starts at 6:30 PM and tours through downtown Battle; it coincides with the start of the Battle Creek International Festival of Lights. With the assistance of numerous other club members, as in the past, Jim Demarest is again chairing the event. For all information about the event and to officially register for the parade, please connect to the following link:


Officer Installation

On September 29th at Clara’s on the River Restaurant in conjunction with the local Battle Creek and Pennfield Optimist Clubs, new club officers for this Optimist year were installed. Prior to the official installation and the meal, all those in attendance introduced themselves and informed us of their Optimist experiences. Below is a listing of this year’s Harper Creek officers and board members:

PRESIDENT                           Howard King
VICE PRESIDENT                John Sims, Sr.
VICE PRESIDENT                Duncan Bailey
TREASURER                          Dave Jackson

2014-2016                   John Peruzze
2014-2016                   Jeff Adams
2014-2016                   Allyn Miller
2014-2016                   Dave Jackson
2014-2016                   Dick Brown
2014-2016                   Craig Miller


Below is a picture of  club members who attended the event:IMG_4352