Monthly Archives: August 2015

Financial Community Support

The Harper Creek Optimist board of directors recently voted to support two local requests for financial support relative to community youth projects. They also voted to financially contribute to a local memorial fund.

Our club issued a check for $500 to financially support the Harper Creek High School sideline cheer program. The funds will be used to help the organization pay for tumbling classes at Branch Gymnastics. The goal of the lessons is to have the cheerleaders obtain more skills in a safe manner so they will become a better-rounded team.

A check for $500 was also issued to the Harper Creek Community Schools Educational Foundation, which is a non-profit organization affiliated through the Battle Creek Community Foundation. The foundation, which has been active for the past 21 years, houses endowed scholarships and grants for Harper Creek Community Schools’ students. The foundation’s Board of Directors is in the process of marketing the solicitation of donations and the creation of new funds to enhance their financial base so more scholarships can be issued. The club’s donation will help support the financial costs involved in printing brochures and hand-outs the organization will be marketing to the community.

The Board also voted to donate $500 to the Mara Wagner Memorial Fund. Mara, who was a Harper Creek Middle School student, died tragically this past summer. She was a grand-daughter of club past-president and long-time active member Dick Wagner. Money obtained in this fund will be used by the Harper Creek Schools to assist students who need financial support for varies school projects and supplies. This fund remains open for continued donations.