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Cash Raffle

The Harper Creek Optimist club expresses special thanks to all those who supported our main fund-raising event by purchasing a ticket or simply volunteering their time as a club member. The event was held at the local Riverside Country Club on Saturday, March 7th. This location has proved to be a perfect venue for our event and the catered meal, host beverages and service, plus our DJ background music and sound system was well accepted by all.

Although our club did not sell the anticipated allotment of 300 tickets, the grand prize remained at $8,000 and every 25th ticket drawn was awarded the original specified monetary prize. The side board winner won $590 for purchasing the proper square relative to the ticket number of the 150th draw.  Seven of the top ten finalist ticket holders pooled together, but unfortunately for them, those were the first seven of the final tickets drawn – very unusual. No one was present representing the group of owners of the winning ticket and cash prize of $8,000 when it was the last one drawn from the drum!

Pictured below are Club President Chad Kyger (right), who also sold the most tickets for the event, and long-time Optimist club member John Sims, Sr., who was in charge of the side board entries.IMG_4009

Club members Dick Brown (left) and Ed Kirkland were sellers of the extra tickets that were held out and available to the lucky winners of the periodic raffle drawings during the event. Our last raffle was when only 25 tickets were left to be drawn!IMG_4013

Present for the festivities was our club’s newest member Robert Ridgeway; he was accompanied by his wife Lisa. Robert is the new Superintendent of the Harper Creek Schools.IMG_4007

Although not cash winners, Kellogg employees Ahuva (left) and Luci enjoyed their first Harper Creek Optimist raffle event.IMG_4010

Merle and Patty Coville were present and have continued to support our Optimist raffle event.IMG_4011