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Summer Social Meetings

Club summer meetings are in full swing. Please join us and bring a friend for an outdoor picnic and social gathering. Be there by 6:30 PM every Thursday and you will not be late. We are again meeting at club member David Jaques estate located shore side on Sonoma Lake. Meals are $5 and each beverage of your choice is only $1. A game of euchre or a pontoon ride may be on the agenda. Club member Lee Griffin has again stepped up to chair the event and be sure that food and beverages are present. Rain will probably not cancel the gathering as inside accommodations are available at the location. Be sure to catch each week’s call-em-all on Thursday at 12:15 PM to be sure alternative plans have not been arranged such as meeting at Bailey Park for a Bombers baseball game, cancellations due to extremely inclement weather or club member Duncan Bailey’s “pool party”.

The location may be a little tricky to find if you have not been there before. Coming south from Battle Creek on M-66, turn west on B Drive South (where Orchard Park Grocery was once located). Continue west on B Drive South past Sonoma Elementary School to 4 Mile (Sonoma) Road. Turn south (left) and go about a mile until you come to this location, which enables you to turn right towards Sonoma Lake. IMG_3580

Follow the lane towards the lake until you come to this sign and turn left.IMG_3579IMG_3581

Follow the lane between the houses and you will come to a small bridge you must traverse. Bridge speed limit is 2 miles per hour! After the crossing, the gathering location is located about 100 yards to the right. You can’t miss it.IMG_3582

Those in attendance at the first outdoor meeting were entertained by the launching of the Post hot air balloon.IMG_3583