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Harper Creek Robotics

The Harper Creek Robotics Program was presented to our club during our general meeting on May 15th. Steve Barry, a Harper Creek teacher and instructor for the program introduced 3 Harper Creek High School students, who are instrumental in regards to the success of the program: Kyler Drumhiller (Drive Team), Hunter Davis (Programing and Mechanical Leader) and Amy  McGlothen (Team Manager and Safety Captain). The three students shared their interest and excitement in regards to participating in the program.

The Robotics Team fared well in competition this past spring. They finished 3rd out of 40 teams during the elimination rounds at the Gull Lake Districts and 14th out of 40 teams at the Lansing District. The Harper Creek Robotics Program is an after school program that currently involves 70 students in grades 5 thru 12.

Pictured below are Hunter Davis, program director Steve Barry, Amy McGlothen and Kyler Drumhiller posed in front of their main competitive robot plus a poster with pictures constructed by the team relative to their endeavors and a close-up of their competitive robot, which can catapult the large ball with accuracy up to 30 feet!